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introduction of kave pars



Kaveh- Pars Mining Industries Development Company (KMID
KMID (private share holder) is a registered holding company ,established in2007.
Major activities of company is;
– Investment in mining industries .
– Research and design of mining and metallurgical and other related industries, such as installation of factories
– Commercial and trade activities including purchasing, import and export of machineries, spare parts and equipment, materials and products related to mining and metal industries.
KMID is a mother holding company which together with 14 affiliated companies are active in the field of productive development, metallic and non-metallic resources and renovation of mines and related industries. The company participated in investment and installation of major project such as cement, aluminum, steel, and has determination to achieve them according to its vision.
• The vision of KMID in the field of steel is to become one of the three major and leading organization in production and export of steel with high quality.
• The vision of KMID in the field of cement is to become one of the three major producer of cement in the region and supply the best quality and varieties in cement production .For such reasons KMID have been defined its goals and strategies.
• The vision of KMID in the field of consulting services is to take the leadership in mining industries consultation with the best quality and become one the five leading in this field.
• The vision of KMID in the field of mining is to recognize and invest in new explored metal and non-metal mines with high value added , extending the sale level and increase the profit to %10 of present level.