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Khozestan Kaveh Aluminum Company

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Khozestan Kaveh Aluminum Company 
The company was established and registered on 2008 to produce aluminum billet . A power plant with the capacity of 428MW is also scheduled to provide electricity for the aluminum plant . The production capacity on completion of installation will be 350.000 tons of aluminum . The main office is located in Tehran and the site in Masjid Soleiman province of khozestan.
Subjects of activities:
1) Establishment and installation of factories to produce aluminum and other related products of various alloys (such as raw materials auxiliaries and semi-made aluminum products in various states) for sale internally and externally.
2) The main activity of the company is concentrated on 2 subjects:
– The installation of aluminum factory with the capacity of 175.000 tons of aluminum slab in above given place.
– The installation of power plant with capacity of 428 Mw to provide electricity direct to aluminum factory.


Contact Addresses

Tel :021-88900536
Fax :021-88900265
Address :iran- tehran – karimkhne zand st – next the hafez crossroad-golabi st num12 – th floor
Web Address :http://www.kalcoir.com
email :info@kalcoir.com
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