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IMIS 2016 to Introduce Iran’s Mining Potentials


Tehran, Dec8, IMIDRO_ Introducing Iran’s investment and cooperation opportunities in mining sector is one of the main objects of IMIS2016, during a press conference, Chairman of the board of IMIDRO announced.

According to the report of the public relations of IMIDRO, addressing journalists, Deputy Industry, Mine and Trade Minister expressed IMIS2016 as a two-day event will be started with the presence of Industry, Mine and Trade Minister on December10, 2016.

Iran’s Economic Affairs and Finance Minister will attend the event. Also, some managers of German, Italian, Australian and Russian creditable companies will lecture during the event, Mehdi Karbasian said.

Karbasian noted the important role and status of Iran’s mining sector as a key reason for attendance of 64 creditable foreign companies from17 countries in IMIS2016.

Approximately 60 percent of participants are foreign companies from Australia, Canada, Germany, China, Finland, UK, Japan, Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan etc., as IMIS2016 is an international event so Ambassadors and embassies’ commercial affiliates will attend the venue.


Domestic private sector as well as foreign companies will participate the exhibition. For the first time in Iran, Australia commercial Institute will attend the exhibition.

During IMIS2016, a book which contains Iran’s mine and mining industries potentials and related regulation and rules will be distributed among the participants of the event.